The second KBFX Theme for Spinx-Bar is now available at
The KDE-Look User CRAUCH (Christian Rauch) has published his theme for KBFX on He's the first one releasing a KBFX Theme beside of Nookie, who is our main graphic artist.
The theme is designed to fit well to the SUSE KDM theme.
All in all it's a great theme, which I will review below.

Link to Suse-Design for KBFX
I'm a long time SUSE User myself. Honestly, I just LOVE the Suse theme, that consists of a Bootsplash theme, A KDM Theme and a KDE Splash theme. So when I saw the design yesterday night, I knew I've got to give it a try.So I checked it, and here is a small review:

The first view is quite impressing. However, in the first version, the categories seemed to fall a bit apart. I thought that this is not optimal, and commented it on KDE-look. When I checked 3 hours later, I saw that Christian had considered my proposal a good one and that he had changed the category tiles in a manner, that the suse-typical white-dotted line is now separator between the categories.This really looks nice, thanks.When testing, however, I saw that something was wrong with the elements. It cut the lowest part of the element off. Unfortunatly, I thought, because I really love this theme. I commented on KDE-look again, and again, it was fixed quite fast. I do write this here because if you have the same effect on your box, you need to download the current version again.

What I love most is: And what I would change (but that's really just a matter of personal preferences):What I also noted is that the dudebox at the top left already contains an image of the lizard. Although I like this image, this did disturb me a bit, because I have defined a dude image (see howtos on how to define a personal dude image). So my usual alien head was placed over this nice lizard. I made the workaround by copying the according file from the nookie theme and thus overvriting the lizard.

All in all, it's a really nice theme, and I will keep it as my theme until my own one is finished.Thank you, Christian Rauch, for this nice contribution.

Theme by: Christian Rauch

Author of the review: Nathanael Dracor Gogniat