Our vision has always been to deliver a better launch menu for KDE. We thank our user base for using it, and you can be sure, that we will progress work. KBFX for 3.5.2 is further developed.

But instead of writing an external Applet for KDE 4.0, we have the pleasure to announce that our team has joined the RaptorMenu team, the team to write a launch menu for KDE 4.0 within the plasma project of KDE itself. Siraj is now one of the maintainers of the project, and we are glad that we can bundle our efforts for a better launch menu more efficiently, by being a part of KDE development directly.

We like to thank our userbase and promise that we are still committed to our vision. Without you, dear users, we would probably not be in a position to be part of the raptor menu. Without your hints, your themes and so on, we wouldn't have been known enough, I think. What does it mean for you? what are the consequences for our userbase? Quite simply, none for KDE 3.5x users. But when KDE 4.0 is out, you won't have to install a separate applet.

Meanwhile, our visions have grown. Be assured that the KBFX team will try to improve your desktop experience further...


Nathanael Dracor Gogniat

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