Hi All! A strange thing happened on friday.. On the way back to the home from my work at IKEA (?lmhult) i was sitting in the buss and a guy
infront of me was reading Swedish newspaper called DATORMAGAZIN. So i know that they have a Linuxpart in those magazines
and since i was sitting behind him i was looking also while he was reading and when he came to the Linuxpart I was so courious.

Suddenly a strange thing has happens.. KBFX is in the magazine. I could?t belive it. So i kindly asked the man infront of me if he would
let me read the article and I read it thru and a user in magazine had a question

When i start my Kmenu there is soo many applications that they take all my desktop space and i can?t see a single thing
on my desktop. The current menu handleing in KDE is really not usefull and not userfriend. Is there any other solutions?

I can agree with you that current KDE menu hadleing is not the best, and there is not obvious solution on your problem
but there are alternatives. One example is KBFX. It?s a replacement for original KMENU.
It?s not only better looking. It?s more practical and it offers a way better settings options.
It doesnt take that much space and the user can scoll the menu.

I have created a link with the scanned page with the news.
All thow it?s in Swedish it?s still quite nice to look at.


Thanks all!

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