Hi all of you.
First i want to say a big thanks for all your support through the years KBFX for KDE3 was developed.
You have been very helpful to us with your comments, ideas, reports etc.
It has been a while KBFX being "frozen".
The actual reasons are a lot and I have explained them in an answer to a user that asked a question about what's going on with the project (link to the question/answer).
Anyway as we spoke with Siraj (the main developer of KBFX) we came to the conclusion that we need to go on developing KBFX for KDE 4 afterall.
So we need your help. We accept any volunteers as developers/designers/QA specialists etc... for the project.
Any ideas and mockups etc are welcome.
There is a separate section for KBFX on KDE 4 in the forum so you can say what you think and exchange ideas.
Right now we desperately need a designer for a new astonishing look of KBFX...
Later on we will gather the new KBFX Team and see what we will create :)
We depend on you and are waiting for your proposals...
Meanwhile you may take a look at another interesting project of ours we are working on: PlexyDesk

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