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  • Should the KBFX Project go on with the development?
  • Authored by: Alex on Friday, February 26 2010 @ 02:22 PM EET
You know how I found out about KBFX ? I saw the first PC-BSD screenshot that comes up on google images, containing a red Launch button from KBFX.

I installed PC-BSD on a few computers to be used by a local newspaper. I went on the PC-BSD forum and asked how I could get a 1:1 match of that screenshot. One user kindly told me where to get the wallpaper, what the theme is called and two addons: KBFX for the Launch button and Lancelot for the Launch menu.

He also said that there's no KBFX for KDE 4.x.x yet.

This is the only reason why I'm here. When do I get the custom Launch button for KDE 4, please? It definitely looks better than the little bubble imposed with PC-BSD's default installation.

And I can handle the defaults from PC-BSD just fine, it's that other users who have only seen Windows in their lives, would find this much easier to adapt to. And those computers are kinda meant to be used by them.

Maybe these are enough reasons to continue development ? Looks far more user friendly and aesthetic ? Would help people use open source OSes ? Can make more of them look like Linux Mint ? (and that one is VERY user friendly)

When you decide to continue development, (come on, you can't stop a good idea because of a few mere depressions!) please promise to keep ALL the designs you previously made.

And by all means, thanks for making it!