Compilation and Installation

Compilation and Installation

  1. Unpack the sources of KBFX with (x.y.z-XXXXXXXX represents the version of the KBFX package, for example

    > tar xjvf kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX.tar.bz2
  2. Change into the new directory:

    > cd kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX/
  3. Start the configuration and the compilation using the command:

    > ./


Note for Mandriva < 2007 users:

The build script (by default) enables the use of menudrake instead of kmenuedit. If you want to prevent this behavior then pass ONE of these options to the build script: --menudrake-off OR -m


Other building options:

  • --prefix OR -p to install KBFX in a different than the default folder (default is KDE install folder) for example:

    > ./ -p /home/user

  • --strigi OR -s to enable Strigi support in KBFX (default is no Strigi support)

  • --verbose OR -v to make the build script give more verbose information

  • --nocheck OR -n to make the build script not to check if an old KBFX version is installed (default is to check)


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