Download the latest KBFX Release

Please download latest KBFX from 16 May 2007, which is


 Download latest KBFX stable release

It's always good to download the latest stable source, since new features are added all the time and bugs are getting fixed. Enjoy the latest stable release of KBFX which is:


You may find older source packages here.

 Precompiled packages

Right now we are in urgent need to have precompiled packages, so that users can easier
install KBFX on their system. If you would like to contribute with precompiled
packages please send them to phobosk(a) and we will upload them here.

AV = Available
NT = Not Available

Fedora Packages
Ubuntu/Kubuntu Packages
SuSE Packages
Gentoo Packages
Slackware Packages
Mandriva Packages
Debian Packages

Additional Packages
WARNING: The KBFX Team itself does not provide any pre-compiled binary packages.
Depending on your distribution, KBFX may be already available from your vendor resources.
The listed packages here, are only for your convenience. Most of them have been made and tested by our users, whom we would like to thank.
The KBFX Team has no control over these packages and denies any responsibility for their contents.

 Getting SVN

To download the latest development source, you need to go to KDE SVN Repository and download it from there.
The instructions on how to get a copy of the KDE SVN Repository and the building instructions can be found in the INSTALL file in the sources archive.

 Getting CVS (Depreciated versions!)

To download the latest development source, you need to go to cvs and download it there.
Here are the instructions on how to get a copy of the CVS Repository by anonymous CVS access:

cvs -z3 login

cvs -z3 co modulename

The modulename with the current source files of the stable version of KBFX is kbfxstable

If you want to see the current status of the source files of KBFX and all the available modules, you may browse the CVS Repository of the Project here.

 Downloading themes

To download themes we recommend that you go to since we don't have enough bandwidth to host such section for the moment ...