Contact Us

There are several ways to get in contact with us the developers if you have any
important questions or you have found a bug which we need to fix directly.


Join us in #kbfx-kde4 on (the old channel #kbfx is not supported anymore... sorry) for answers to questions and general KBFX discussion.


One other way to get in contact with us is to write your message in the Forum
because there are always some admins who are in there and trying to answer to the questions.

 Contact Developers

Name: Mensur Zahirovic (Nookie)

Yahoo Client:

Email: nookie(a)

Name: Siraj Razick

Yahoo Client:

Email: siraj(a)

Name: Nathanael Gogniat

Yahoo Client: None

Email: nathanael(a)

Name: PhobosK

Yahoo Client: None

Email: phobosk(a)

Name: Johnny Henry S?enz Acu?a (scarebyte)

Yahoo Client:

Email: saenzac(a)

Name: Christoffer Brodd-Reijer (Ephracis)

Yahoo Client: None

Email: ephracis(a)

Please use irc and KBFX Forum to get help as a first place, since we can't answer to all e-mails we receive.