Help us out!

Your opinion is important

KBFX Team need all kind of help which we can get.
As you probably know to maintain a project takes lots of time. We have been working really hard to finish kbfx 0.4.9 and we would like to thank to all people who have contributed with patches and debugging.
So how can I help out with KBFX?

Well there are several ways:
¢ We need distro packages like: .deb , .rpm, and other distro packages
¢ We need your mockup ideas which you think could improve kbfx
¢ We need to know if you have found some bug to report it to us directly so that we can fix and update kbfx.
¢ We need help with documentation, for instant howto's
¢ We need your opinion so that kbfx can become even better application.
¢ We need c++ developers who can help us

All those things are important for us to become even better.
Kbfx 0.5 will be a major improvement against 0.4.9 so if you would like to see something special in 0.5 please e-mail some of the developers or just write it down on our forum on