Kbfx 0.5 Menu Proposal

Our team's commitment is to provide a professional menu for KDE4 that is different, modern, efficient, easy to use and blindingly fast. We will deliver a menu that also gives quick control over the most common apps and is totally customizable and extensible.

While we take some elements that are rather well-known (for example - the button as a means to launch the menu), we do not try to imitate an existing menu. As we think that long mouse ways are rather impractical, we do our menu in a manner, that there's no branching out in submenus, but they are placed in the same column as the elements, as a flat, indexed menu. However, we do support submenus, but in a different manner.


KBFX 0.4.9.x is developing towards the targets we try to achieve.
However, some things can't be done on the current structure of the program. Thus, we're already moving forward, trying to get the information needed to implement it for Plasma in KDE 4.0.

 KBFX 0.5 Vision: An Application and Utility Menu for KDE 4

There's still a long way to go for KDE 4.0, so we will use the time to further refine our idea. As a first step, we have agreed on following ideas:


We will still provide the 2column construct, as implemented in KBFX 0.4.9.x. However, we want to further improve it and make it more flexible by this means:

However, we want to make the menu more flexible, by e.g.

We will implement it with following philosophy still in mind: