RPM Building Instructions (Mandriva, Fedora, Suse)

RPM Building Instructions (Mandriva, Fedora, Suse)

If you prefer manipulate a RPM, you can build it with the following commands:

  1. Build the RPM:

    > rpmbuild -tb kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX.tar.bz2

    or (for Mandriva)

    > rpmbuild --rebuild kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX-mdv20070.src.rpm

    or (for Fedora)

    > rpmbuild --rebuild kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX-FCx.src.rpm

    or (for SuSe)

    > rpmbuild --rebuild kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX-suseXXX.src.rpm
  2. If succeed, you will found the rpm in /usr/src/rpm/RPMS (for Mandriva) or /usr/src/redhat/RPMS (for Fedora) or /usr/src/packages/RPMS (for Suse) according to the platform you have.

  3. Install the rpm as usually by:

    > rpm -Uvh kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX.rpm


Building RPM from KBFX SVN versions:

  • Follow these commands in the sources directory:

    > ./build.sh

    Answer "N" to the question if you want to install KBFX.

    > cd build
    > make dist
  • A file "kbfx-x.y.z-XXXXXXXX.tar.bz2" will be created in the build directory.

  • Proceed with the steps described in 1., 2., 3.


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