Create themes for KBFX

Theme HowTo for KBFX

Since you found this page I'll think that you are interested in how to make own themes for KBFX Well actually to make themes for KBFX is very simple.

We have added a lot of new features to this version so they give you a full control over your menu as you want it. So let's get started.
Let's begin to look at this picture. Take a little while to see the descriptions of the different images because this will help you a lot when you are going to make your own themes.

This image is telling all the images which are used in KBFX except one "mask.png" image. We will explain what that image does a little bit later.
The most simple way to create a theme at this point is to take some of those images and just change colors on some and see how that effects your menu.
Don't forget before that to backup the original images if you want to use your original theme.

To make your life and ours as simple as possible we will just explain what different images do and how they work and of course their suggested sizes.
Let's jump to the description of the images.

Images in KBFX

This is an image that is at the top of the menu.

Width = 504px    Height = 95px

This is the background image where your personal image is displayed.

Width = 95px   Height = 88px

This is a small image displayed in the search field.

Width = 22px   Height = 21px

This is normal image displayed in categories.

Width = 132px   Height = 23px

This is a hover image for categories.Used as hoverimage for rhstile.png

Width = 132px   Height = 23px

This image is used as a scrollbar. The same image is used both for scrolling up & down.

Width = 240px   Height = 10px

This is the separator image which separates your different subcategories.

Width = 240px   Height = 27px

This is the normal image where your applications are showed.

Width = 240px   Height = 46px

This is the hover image where your applications are showed.

Width = 240px   Height = 46px

This is the background under the categories. It can be viewed on description on both
sides of the menu.

Width = 108px   Height = 23px

This is the background image at the bottom off the menu.

Width = 504px   Height = 38px

This is the lock image.

Width = 84px   Height = 38px

This is the lock hover image.

Width = 84px   Height = 38px

This is the logout image.

Width = 84px   Height = 38px

This is the logout hover image.

Width = 84px   Height = 38px

This is deciding what size your menu will have when users install it.
Of course the size can be controlled later by the configuration of KBFX.

Width = 504px   Height = 513px

That's all !
Now we wish you all good luck when creating themes.
We are looking forward to all your good looking themes out there for the KBFX!
Best Regards

//KBFX TEAM - If you have any questions join us at at #kbfx