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KBFX 0.4.9 and Homepage Released!

  • Saturday, April 15 2006 @ 09:27 PM EEST
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KBFX - Releases Finaly after several months of hard work on kbfx 0.4.9 and our new homepage we can now proudly present them both. First of all we would like to thank all users who are using kbfx and who have been waiting for this release. But we promess that you will not be disappointed. Lots of new changes has been added to this release.
Here are some of them.

1.) New HTML based Config

2.) Spinx Bar improved and redone for MAX icandy . with better theme support

3.) Double buffered rendering for kbfx button

4.) Animated buttons (Gif/Mng) image support

5.) Animated scrollbars like thing

6.) icons zoom

7.) Improved skin support

8.) themeable tooltoip ( two types animated and none animated)

7.) KDE user icon support (KDM icons)

8.) user Name support (login name)

9.) Application Items are sorted

10.) Better user support and Help

11.) login and lock buttons are working now

12.) Mouse Cursor has more sense

13.) KControl Module uses HTML ..old config removed

14.) Automatic icons and theme installtion with source code

15.) The applet is renamed , from kbfxvista to kbfxspinx

16.) Animated User Image

17.) Add more to Menu Action for Application List Better Customizations.

18.) 32x32 icons support

We well update this homepage in daily basis with news and mockups of our kbfx project.
Please download kbfx 0.4.9 and try it out.
All developers would like all users out there!


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