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Well there has been many people who had helped us with different kinds of stuff to improve KBFX to be even more better application.
And we would like to thank them all out there.

But there have been few people who have been stuck from the beginning with the
KBFX and who have given lots of efforts to this application.
Here are they:

 Developers ( Dudes )

Name: Mensur Zahirovic (Nookie)

Country: Sweden

KBFX: Co-Author, Q/A, System Design, Webdesigner, Bug Hunter, Project Admin

Name: Siraj Razick

Country: Sri Lanka

KBFX: Author, Maintainer, Developer, Project Admin

Name: Nathanael Dracor Gogniat

Country: Switzerland

KBFX: Project Technical Writer, Documentation Manager, Co-Author

Name: PhobosK

Country: Bulgaria

KBFX: Package & Release Manager, Quality Assurance, Bug Hunter, Mandriva Packages, Project Admin, Developer QT/C++

Name: Johnny Henry Sáenz Acuña (scarebyte)

Country: Peru

KBFX: Developer QT4/C++, Debian Packages

Name: Christoffer Brodd-Reijer (Ephracis)

Country: Sweden

KBFX: Library developer for Raptor

Name: Venkata Raghuram Pampana


KBFX: C++ Developer Qt4 port, and Network Modules

Name: Fathi Boudra (fabo)

Country: France

KBFX: Developper QT/C++, Debian Packages


Name: Ferenc Stelcz (mfx-)

Translation: HU

Country: Hungary

Email: ferenc(a)stelcz.hu

Homepage: http://ferenc.stelcz.hu

Name: Divilinux

Translation: IT

Country: Italy

Email: divilinux(a)mail.kbfx.net

Homepage: PRIVATE

Name: Lexus

Translation: BG

Country: Bulgaria

Email: lexus(a)mail.kbfx.net

Homepage: PRIVATE

Name: Monkey 9

Translation: NL

Country: Netherlands


Homepage: PRIVATE

 Thanks to!

Special thanks goes to:
Akhmad Fathonih, Asif Ali Rizwaan, Dominik, Victor, Steady, tom77, yanis, jongking and Abhay Kedia.

We thank all who helped us debugging and sending patches and debug
information to make KBFX as such success.

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