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KBFX 0.5 Reveal!

  • Monday, May 08 2006 @ 08:07 PM EEST
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KBFX - Releases Hi all!

Now that KBFX 0.4.9 has received lots of attention and is a great success it's time to move forward and look for the plans for KBFX 0.5.

So is there going to be any difference between KBFX 0.4.9 and 0.5?
Well with simple words written it will be a HUGE difference.

Read more on this article.. Press on the link down below. So what will be differences?

Well first off all we are going to rebuild the menu with QT4 which will give us lots of advantages and much more better GUI which means the menu will have very cool animations and lots off eyecandy.

Second thing menu will have so called plugins which means that you can write your own
cool plugins like (contacts, RSS reader, your hardware like CAMERA, HARDDRIVES, CD-ROM and so on)
The imagine is endless when it comes to those functions.

Third thing is that you will be able to select what categories you would like to have displayed in your menu. There will be configuration where you can choose what categories you would like to have in your menu as example: Multimedia, Internet, Office and so on.

So it's up to the user what he/she wants to have in his menu displayed what categories.
Third thing we will have Recently Used, My Favorites and one more category which we haven't decided yet.

There will be also one option if you rightclick on your application the menu will open like it's showed on the mockup here below..

What is also mega important is that menu will be transable in all kinds of languages which is today little bit hard.

We are also thinking where we have our field in the menu today to intergrate some kind of beagle function which will show directly if you type for example kbfx.png it will show directly in the searchfield "Edit image with gimp" and several other options.

This is just couple of things which we will have in KBFX 0.5 and there is like tons of more which i can't write right now because i would take me all day, but i want to give some glintch on how the menu is going to look like.

I hope that you all are looking forward for the 0.5 since it will work totally in different way then KBFX 0.4.9 and it will have lots and lots of new features.

If you would like to see what we are planing more join us at IRC on <b>irc.freenode.org - #kbfx</b>

Cheerz Nookie =)


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