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URGENT: Developers needed

  • Thursday, May 11 2006 @ 12:41 PM EEST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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KBFX - Team Hello Everyone

Are you using KBFX? Do you like the way it works? To further improve it in a reasonable time frame, we need your help.

As our userbase grows, the expectations are getting bigger. Siraj, our coder, codes like hell on improving the current version as well as on the next version.

Thus, we're looking for developers to help us out

QT3, QT4 C++ Developers are in urgent need
. Everyone who is interested in joining us may contact us via email (see contact us page) or via forum. It's not that the project dies without you, but our coding capacities are already used 120 % or more.

What do we need exactly?

A coder who can write certain routines as defined by our community's decisions (where you will also become part of).

What do we offer?

No money, sorry. But you will get your mail "name at mail.kbfx.net", get in contact with some really committed yet nice guys ;-), and the satisfaction that your work helps improve the linux desktop experience for everyone, who uses kbfx.

We're waiting for you....

Nathanael Dracor Gogniat



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