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Alot in progress right now!

  • Sunday, July 30 2006 @ 10:21 PM EEST
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KBFX - News Hello all people
What's up!?

As you can see and hear maybe not so much has been going on here on our homepage but it has happened A LOT behind closed doors if i may say so.

We are currently fixing some bugs in kbfxstable module and we are also at the same time working on to release of KBFX

Meanwhile we also are working on KBFX and also on KBFX 0.5
So guys, as you can see a lot of things are going on...

We should in any day release KBFX which will include lots of bugfixes with fonts and also some other bugfixes.
KBFX will also contain new KBFX default theme which i think will be better
looking. So stay tuned after KBFX

In the mean we are working on as i said before and there we are going to change our configuration application.
The "KBFX Configurator" will be MUCH more easier to be used and also people will have the chance to translate it to whatever language they like...

Here is a screenshot of our new Configuration Dialog which will be available in KBFX Press on it to get larger image.

In a couple of days i will show you a mock of our default KBFX 0.5 menu on which design I'm working really hard at the moment..
Take care all KBFX users...

Best Regards Nookie and ALL KBFX TEAM!


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  • Alot in progress right now!
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, August 09 2006 @ 06:18 PM EEST

how could I help you ?

I would like to translate KBFX in French
if you want, of course, I help you for this :D

  • !!!WOW!!!30116
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 23 2007 @ 12:00 PM EEST
Good job gays.