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No more mockups for public release!

  • Tuesday, August 22 2006 @ 08:18 PM EEST
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KBFX - News Hello all people!!

As you can see the title of this news so me nookie and rest of the team have decided that we are not going to publish more mockups for public.. why is that??

Lots of new menus have come up and this is great because it gives us more motivation to work
even harder, but there has been some negative aspects about this..

Suse will have new menu for next kde release and SOME of ideas are from kbfx especially from my mockups for 0.5. Same thing is with other menus.. They all are building in some way as kbfx..

If we release mockups on how our menu is going to look like and work as, then people are making menus almost like our, and when we release our menu then people are not feeling that there is something new with our menu... This is the main reason.

We want all people to invent something new not the same atleast i feel that way.
Those people who are going to see mock are just developers.. Im really sorry for this news which im writing but it has to be that way for now.

Those mockups on kde-look which i have added will no longer be as our goal as we want to invent something new right..

So expect something new and fresh for kbfx 0.5!!

Best regards
Nookie and KBFX TEAM!


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