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KBFX Released

  • Saturday, September 23 2006 @ 02:18 PM EEST
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KBFX - Releases Hello all people out there..
We have finaly finished the new kbfx with alots of changes.
Download it now and have fun with it.

KBFX contains following updates:

* New default kbfx 0492 theme.

* CHANGED "KBFX Configurator Application" - rewritten from scratch and is no more part of "kcontrol" -

* CHANGED "Tooltip Animation" behaviour - turned off by default

* ADDED fonts configuration option to the "KBFX Configurator Application"

* ADDED Install/Delete Themes to the "KBFX Configurator Application"

* ADDED support for .kbfxtheme files in konqueror (look the explanation in HOWTO file)

* ADDED possibility to change "dude" image to the "KBFX Configurator Application"

* ADDED Free-BSD Support

* FIXED font alignment problems

* FIXED long applications name problem

* FIXED some memory leaks

* FIXED some minor bugs

To download the latest version press on here...
If you guys find any bugs please report the in our forum.

Otherwise stay tuned because we will release in 2-3 weeks.
Enjoy! Best Regards KBFX TEAM!

PS! The screenshot section will probably be updated in day or two with new screens of


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