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KBFX Released

  • Sunday, November 05 2006 @ 06:48 PM EET
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KBFX - Releases Hi all,
There is the long waited bugfix release ....
This will be the last release of the series.
Later there will be a final release containing fixes of all the found bugs and few new translations.
From now on we are heading towards the totally new concept/code of the series.

As usual here is the ChangeLog:
- ADDED support for preparing .kbfxtheme files in konqueror (look the explanation in HOWTO file)
- ADDED "--prepare" commandline option to pack existing KBFX Skin Folders to .kbfxtheme files
- ADDED "Default Theme's Personal Image" to the "KBFX Configurator Application"
- ADDED "Toolbar Resize" option to the "KBFX Configurator Application" for the toolbar where the KBFX Button resides
- ADDED it, bg and nl translations
- FIXED some minor bugs

You can help us for the final KBFX release with the translation of the interface.
For this purpose please download the kbfxconfigapp.pot file from SourceForge and use KBabel or poEdit to make the translation. Next send the .po file to my mail - phobosk-at-mail.kbfx.net
Thanks in advance for this help.


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