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KBFX soon ready for release.

  • Thursday, January 11 2007 @ 10:05 PM EET
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KBFX - Releases Hello Kbfx users.

We are back on track again and working forward KBFX Alpha Release.
There is a tons of new stuff inside.. The entire menu is now build on so called plugins.
We hope atlease that we will release Aplha preview this sunday..
Here is just a screenshot of current status..
Stay tuned out there!

KBFX is an extensible and customizable Desktop resource launcher for K Desktop environment
(KDE). It lets the Desktop users to quickly locate and execute applications, and files of
different types. Apart form the function of resource organization. KBFX lets you search for
resources using multiple search engines quickly and efficiently.

Interaction design of the menu is based on the expert advice from many usability experts. And combining it with our ideas to bring to life a very usable interface design. With KBFX-Spinx release we introduced the idea of a ‚??Flat indexed menu‚?Ě and we extend the concept further with this release of KBFX-Silk.

While the concepts and functions evolved from our learning curve and the
feedback of the user community and the press, the application was nearly completely rewritten
from scratch to be able to implement an extensible, flexible plug-in framework.

We combined the improved technology base with improved configuration possibilities and have thus created a launch menu that serves our needs and can be configured to suit your needs as well. Play around with the arrangement of components and plug-in, until you‚??re satisfied ‚?? or happy, as we are now able to deliver further functionality in the future, without touching the framework, by delivering plug-in.

The result was that slick, that we HAD to give it a slick name as well ‚?? Silk. Silk is the slickest
material we know, and Silk is the slickest launch menu around ‚?? not only on Linux, but ‚?? at
least in our view ‚?? on any operating system we have seen.
Are you ready to evolve? Are you ready for Silk?

New Features :

1.) Faster Load time
2.) The most extensible menu Ever
3.) search As u type
4.) Appealing and Easy Configration
5.) More Stable then Ever
6.) Maximum Eye-Candy


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  • KBFX soon ready for release.
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, January 14 2007 @ 05:14 AM EET
KBFX Uh, OK. But where's the final release?