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KBFX Silk Released

  • Thursday, January 18 2007 @ 12:22 AM EET
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KBFX - Releases Hello everyone,

For all of you that thought we might be dead - you were wrong. ;)
But we had good reason to wait that long with another release:
We wanted to implement things that needed a drastic code rewrite and we wanted to make KBFX ready for porting to KDE4. These requirements urged us - once more - to rewrite it from scratch, allowing us to implement a plug-in infrastructure, which makes KBFX even more customizable. This time, customizable doesn't only include the presentation, but also the functionality.

As this was - and is - a big project - we yet were not able to implement everything we wanted. So some of the features we want in KBFX Silk are still not ready. The menu itself, however, is fully functional.

As KBFX Silk includes many improvements in speed, functionality and design, we wanted to make it available for you. And although we are not yet able to make an official stable release, we proudly present you KBFX Silk as Tested Technology Preview - KBFX Silk TTP. This means the code is stable and was under extensive internal testing and code review, but we still miss some of the functionality desired for the official release, especially in terms of configuration.

So try it, and have fun.

We have great respect for our users, so we choosed one Start Button from kde-look.org and inserted it in this release.
We will use this button until KBFX Silk comes out as stable version. We would like to congratulate Revaline C. Regendra and give him big credits and thanks.

All the best from your KBFX Team. :)

Note: Things to be considered before installing KBFX Silk TTP ===============================================

1.) To configure and compile KBFX Silk TTP you need Cmake >= 2.4.2

2.) To configure and compile KBFX Silk TTP simply run ./build.sh

3.) After the install of KBFX Silk TTP, please unload and uninstall any previous version of KBFX.

4.) Please delete ~/.kde/share/config/kbfxrc after unloading the old version's KBFX applet.

5.) Relogin KDE and load the KBFX Silk TTP applet

6.) If you need file searching capabilities in KBFX, please download and install Strigi

7.) To enable Strigi support in KBFX, please pass --strigi OR -s option to build.sh
i.e: ./build.sh --strigi


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