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KBFX Stable is on the way

  • Sunday, February 25 2007 @ 07:39 PM EET
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KBFX - Releases Hi all,
The long silence from us was not because we did nothing... :)
Now I am proud to announce that KBFX is ready for a Stable release.
But before that we want to be sure there are no bugs in the current sources. So that is why we are "releasing" a testing KBFX version. It is intended for all of you testers that want to use KBFX and contribute.
The offered version is stable enough (at least our team didn't notice any bugs), but as a precaution we want it first widely tested to be sure it can be named "Stable". So when you download and install this version you may report the found bugs HERE or in an email to me at phobosk(at)mail.kbfx.net

You can download the sources from OUR WEBSITE HERE.
The tar.bz2 is HERE.
There is a src.rpm that is made on Mandriva 2007 but is suitable for all RPM based distroes (just use the command rpmbuild --rebuild kbfx-...)
There is a binary rpm for Mandriva users too HERE.

So we wait for your opinion and reports.
Take a look at the renewed sections of kbfx.net - How To?
We advise all the KBFX theme authors to have a look at the How to create themes for section in order to transform their themes from the old format to the new one ;)
And look at all the documents in the doc folder of the sources.
For additional help on install see INSTALL file in the sources archive.

The Changelog is as follows:
- CHANGED layout and font configfile specs
- ADDED resizable configuration dialogs
- ADDED drag&drop hover, pressed and normal images over the KBFX button
- ADDED tooltip support for the KBFX button
- ADDED switch between KBFX and K Menu
- ADDED new two panel skin - "2panels"
- ADDED configurable middle background - middleboxbg.png
- ADDED fonts support in every part of the menu
- ADDED layout support in the KBFX Configurator
- ADDED support for the new versions of strigi
- ADDED support for use of strigi in Gentoo
- ADDED support for SVN version in Gentoo
- ADDED support for PCLinuxOS rpm build (thanks to @PaGal for the testing)
- ADDED support for future KDE4 (part 1)
- ADDED uninstall option for "build.sh" script
- FIXED cmake uninstall
- FIXED RPM .la issues
- FIXED some major bugs


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