Using KBFX

Chapter 2. Using KBFX


Starting KBFX

The KBFX menu button is a starting point for the menu. It first has to be added to a kicker's panel. To add the KBFX Menu to a panel, proceed as following:

  1. Right-click on the kicker's panel, on which you want to place the KBFX button.

  2. Select "Add Applet to Panel..." in the context menu.

  3. Select "KBFX Spinx".

  4. A tooltip appears "KBFX Spinx Added".

  5. If you move your mouse over the button, a tooltip appears (turned off in the default configuration).

  6. If you want to skin the KBFX Start Button see this section.

  7. If you want to, you can now remove the K-Menu button and move the KBFX to the desired place on the panel. To open the menu, just click on the button.


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